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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BIM Diary - Fate

Dear BIM Diary.

It was a day of ups and downs.  I swear we're like little kids in our work and personal lives in regard to technology.  Alix got a phone call this morning that a package had arrived.  Yes, it was "The Package"...the one we had been waiting for for days.  Inside that box was Cindy's shiny new Asus Zen Ultrabook.  We couldn't wait to tear open the box and see what was inside.  

In my opinion, there's nothing better and sexier than my Macbook Air, which is lighting fast and light as a feather (coated with 2.66 lbs of peanut butter).  As we unboxed the Zen, we were all amazed at the sleekness of this beautiful looking computer.  I must say I'm slightly annoyed that every computer company has blatantly copied the Air's look, but it is what it is. Where all of our production laptops are these giant 17 inch, super powerful BIM powerhouses, the Zen is the first PC laptop in the office to make it's way upstairs.

So, Alix ran upstairs to show Cindy her new toy.  He had to break it to her that this computer came installed with Windows 8. We had taken the precaution of ordering a Windows 7 license for her new computer. Maybe I shouldn't state this publicly, but Cindy is still using a computer with Windows XP.  She's been a BIM martyr and making sure that every BIMmer got a new, upgraded or laterally moved computer to work better and faster before she got one.  

I remember standing in the hallway today in utter shock when Alix broke the news to us.  We all couldn't believe it.  Our fearless, technological progressive, BIM loving, dynamic leader, who freaked out last week using a laptop that had Windows 7 on it, told Alix she wanted Windows 8 and would learn how to use it.

Do you remember when your boss finally gave you the OK to do your first Revit pilot project when you never thought you'd get out of the Layer Zero gutter.  Well, I was so proud of Cindy to be wiling to take the plunge.  There's only one bad part to this story.  Well, two if you consider that Alix forgot to order Windows 8 Professional and we had to upgrade the Home version today to get it on our domain server.  The real issue is that me, the Mac guy, is the only one who's been playing with Windows 8 for the past few months and I'm the only one who can set up the computer and teach Cindy how to not be frustrated with not being to find anything with this horrible new interface.  

Gosh, that Window 8 makes me think of Revit 8.  Remember when the toolbar was on the side and the chaos it caused when Autodesk moved the ribbon to the top and perfected it (maybe) after 2 or three versions?  Well, welcome to Windows 8 hell where nothing is where you think it should be.  Well, your fate is Windows 8.  I hope someday that Navisworks 2013 will even be able to launch on this new OS.  

Cindy, your computer is ready and on your desk.  I'll be expecting your call for our first round of 'Where's the Icon'.  Now, can I convince you to use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11?  That's a battle for another day.  Night Diary.


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