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Monday, November 19, 2012

BIM Diary - Took me a year to write this post.

Well, actually a year and 2 days.  On November 18th at 11:33 AM, it has been exactly a year since I became a part of ACAI Associates.  In my wildest dreams (or maybe nightmares) I never thought I'd ever work at an architecture firm.  Well, it's been a whole year and it's been the best year of my professional life.

What's even better is to be a part of our new company ACAI Technologies, Inc.  I have the coolest title too.  It's 'BIM Visionary',  I told Cindy today in a thank you card, that I thought it is she that's actually the visionary.  She had the vision to think I'd be a great fit at ACAI.  I sure hope she still thinks it's a great idea.

I'm so happy I no longer sell software for a living.  I actually have time now to spend time with my wife and almost 5 year old child.  My life is more peaceful, happy and productive.  I love Revit now more than ever.  Every day I get to see the impact of my 7 years as a reseller at a real architecture firm.

Between the free student training I provided to local university students who are now employed by ACAI (Bryan and Julio), engineering firms who I got to move into Revit and provided training for, contractors who I had worked with, provided software or Navisworks and Revit training to (John, Dave, Anonymous Rob and Kris) and all of the others locally and around the world who read my blog, it's worked out great that the trail I blazed in South Florida plays a little part in the success of ACAI.

The strangest thing happened this past Tuesday.  I came into the office and went upstairs to see if Adolfo, our amazing leader, was there to show him my new iPad mini (more on that later).  He was just walking into the kitchen with Cindy so I went in there.  When he say me he came up to me and gave me a big hug.  At first I thought he was trying to strangle me to steal my iPad (just kidding).  Actually, he was just so happy with my blog post last week about our press release and new company, ACAI Technologies.  He was just so happy with the things that I had written.

Have you ever just walked into your boss's office and told them how happy you were and how much you liked your job?  Well, I actually have and did it in that blog post.  Most people just go to their boss when there's a problem, so they don't expect the good stuff.  It's funny that all of the things I was doing as a reseller were so shunned and here, they're embraced.

Even today, I had the most awkward moment.  Our new Reviteer was working on a really complex Revit family for a job we're doing for a manufacturer when he was getting frustrated because there was an empty box in the family browser tree that was corrupting the family.  Nothing he could do would get rid of it.  He got a phone call and got up to take it, so I sat down at his desk, played around with the family for a minute and clicked on the blank item, then pressed the Delete key.  Guess what?  It worked.  Well, I told this particular person that we'd keep this incident our own little secret.  Why was it such a big deal?  Well, because he was a Revit trainer for the past 4 years and I actually solved a Revit issue for a Revit genius.  I'm not saying I'm an expert at Revit, and I'm definitely not, but after 30 years of using computers, I refuse to let them ever beat me.  So, I got lucky and tried the obvious unobvious.

If you're going to Autodesk University, ACAI Technologies will have our own booth as we're now officially providing all sorts of BIM services including modeling for contractors, construction documents for other architecture firms, family creation, BIM Implementation services for architecture and engineering firms, as well as, a BIM practices division to help other architecture firms become successful with Revit.  We'll be in booth 1F, right behind the big FARO booth.  Come stop by for a chat if you can.  My team is teaching 4 classes at AU, so hopefully we'll have a lot of visitors.

Have you ever heard of an architecture firm having a booth at AU?  I certainly haven't and it's just another one of the reasons that I work for the greatest architecture firm in the world.

Let's restart the clock and see what happens over the next year.  I'm looking forward to it.


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