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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Face the technology time

So, we're in the middle of our presentation today, with Cindy standing and giving part of the presentation, while David, Alix and I were seated at the table.  I had my iPad on the table and I was cycling through a copy of the powerpoint so we could see what Cindy was presenting.

Well, in the middle of all of that, my 4 year old calls me on Facetime.  In my frantic rush to hit decline, I hit the accept button.  My son is saying "Hi daddy", while I'm trying to lower the volume.

We're having a debate about CAD vs BIM, technology and having an animated discussion.  I never thought of the possibility of a Facetime call, and my phone was in airplane mode.  After we ended the presentation, as we're telling Cindy what was happening behind her with my son, she says that she wish she had known and would have shown my son to the class.

I never thought that would have been her reaction, and I guess it was fitting for the debate about technology we were having.  It's a moment I'll never forgot with my son staring at me, Alix and David and me trying to end the call and feeling terrible that I was hanging up on my son without an explanation.  Only in a modern technology world could something like that happen.


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