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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How LinkMan-E Works - For Revit

I just found this website by complete accident. Looks like e-Specs, who I think is a great company, but I haven't researched the differences yet between these products, if they are the same.

This ties into http://www.bsdsoftlink.com/speclink/speclink.htm
BSD SpecLink-E automated construction specifications

How LinkMan-E Works, by Building Systems Design, Inc.

BSD LinkMan-E BIM Tool
How it works 
Click on the picture to the right for larger view.

Major Features of BSD LinkMan-E

LinkMan-E can be used from the beginning of a project, to:

  • Identify the objects being used in the building model.
  • List all the Revit objects loaded in the project.
  • Tabulate the quantities.

As the project develops:

  • List all the products included in the BSD Speclink-E database.
  • Identify those that are currently specified.
  • Compare the specified products to those required by the Revit model.

As construction documents are being finalized, to:

  • Identify conflicts between the Revit model and the specs.
  • Include individual products in the specifications that are missing, based on the model.
  • Automatically add all missing products to the specifications.

At any time during the project, to:

  • Update the information in LinkMan.
  • Update the specifications without overwriting any previous decisions or edits.

Keynotes in LinkMan-E

LinkMan includes a tab that allows users to import, edit, and connect keynotes to Revit objects while simultaneously linking the objects to specifications in BSD SpecLink-E (illustration 1). A unique master keynote has been assigned to each of the thousands of products and assemblies in the LinkMan database, all of which have been linked to appropriate sections and paragraphs in BSD SpecLink-E (illustration 2). Objects in Revit have also been linked to the same LinkMan database, which permits LinkMan to display any discrepancies between a Revit project model and the corresponding project specifications in SpecLink – or to update the specifications automatically, based on the Revit data.

(Illustration 1)

The new keynote tab in LinkMan allows users to import a file from Revit that displays all keynotes currently present in the Revit model. These keynotes are displayed adjacent to the corresponding master keynotes in LinkMan. The Revit keynotes can be edited or deleted in LinkMan, and LinkMan’s master keynotes can be copied individually to the Revit file or copied in total to any blank fields in the Revit file with a single click. The Revit user can then import this edited keynote file from LinkMan and assign it to the project. Any edited keynotes will automatically replace any that are currently in use in the Revit model, and all the additional LinkMan master keynotes will be available for use in the project.


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