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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Autodesk BIM Glue goodness - Real world use

Alix, while driving to an electrical subcontractor who wanted to hire us to do their modeling for a big BIM project, called me up and asked me if I could go and look on the server for a project he modeled 2 years ago.  He wanted me to post it on our BIM Glue server and, of course, he needed in done in the 16 minutes before he got to the client.

He had done all of the electrical piping in AutoCAD MEP and he actually did everything in 3D.  It was very impressive and I had no idea he was so talented.  There is a BIM glue ribbon plugin for AMEP, but since he had also exported everything to Navisworks, I thought that would be easy (since I'm totally clueless in any AutoCAD product).

I opened Navisworks Manage, opened the electrical NWC file and then appended the structural NWC file.  From there, I clicked the BIM Glue 'Glue It' button and in less than 90 seconds, the files were uploaded and live on the BIM Glue server and immediately available on Alix's iPad.

That's not even the reason I'm writing this post.  Glue has the coolest feature.  At the bottom of Glue is the Collaboration panel.  There's a list of every view that was created.  There's a button to copy or email the link of that view.

I click the email link and email it to Alix.  He gets the email, click on the link and it opens Glue on his iPad, opens the project and goes to that view.  I have never found anything that compares to this to get someone in the field to see a specific view of what you're trying to describe over the phone.

I was able to quickly generate various views of various electrical and structural components and Alix had them available instantly for his presentation.  Needless to say, we got the job and another very happy client who is impressed with our technologies.

The best part is the iPad app is so easy to use and navigate that we've installed it on our Principals' iPads and they can show off our projects.


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