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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Autodesk Fusion 360 Beta Late Uh.

I just got this email from Autodesk.  Considering that I literally signed up for this within seconds of Carl Bass was introducing it at AU, I find it perturbing that weeks later I get an email like the one below.  Autodesk, don't piss of bloggers!  Give us the toys to play with so we can spread the word about them, just like i've been doing with Glue.  


- - - -

Thanks for applying to the Autodesk Fusion 360 Beta program, we have added you to our list! We've received an overwhelming amount of interest to join, and we really appreciate your interest. We're adding more people to the beta every week, but we've received more applications than we have openings, so we can't admit everyone to the program right now. If we find a spot for you to join, we'll contact you directly. In the meantime, please feel free to join in on the conversation on our Facebook page and on Twitter, or contact us directly via this e-mail address.


Again, we wholeheartedly appreciate your patience and thank you for being awesome! Together, let's make Fusion 360 as great as it can be.


-The Fusion 360 development team 



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