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Friday, December 14, 2012

BIM IQ® exclusively from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope BIM vs. BIM IQ

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what this is.  I don't think their BIM vs BIM IQ comparison chart is completely accurate.  Also, are they selling a service, software, engineering or what?

It looks like a mashup of a bunch of things we already have.  Very odd indeed.

BIM IQ® exclusively from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope BIM vs. BIM IQ

The building envelope company. While other manufacturers are jumping on the building envelope bandwagon, we are once again redefining it. And we’ve more than put our money where our mouth is with significant investments in revolutionary products, ground-breaking BIM technologies and better ways to close a building’s envelope. But we haven’t stopped there—only Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope™ partnered with Columbia University’s School of Architecture to create a think-tank of visionaries in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction and technology. Their sole purpose? To study the construction process and recommend ways to make it more efficient. Like an envelope made from a single piece of paper, we approach the building envelope the same way. The future of building envelopes is here.

Feel free to go to the 1:30 mark to skip the history of the world.


BIM IQ®—the only computer aided three-dimensional, interactive design and energy application for the architectural and construction industry.

  • Features

  •     BIM vs. BIMIQ

  •     Submit Project
    View your project from any angle - in real time
    View your project from outside or inside—in real time
    View your project any time of day, any day of the year—in real time
    Change the glass color or mullion design—no waiting

    Energy Analytics
    While BIM IQ® is a powerful design tool, its real beauty lies beneath the surface. Change the mullion design or glass selection—BIM IQ® calculates the performance data from that change—no waiting.
    Change the glass selection
    Change the glass selection, BIM IQ® calculates
    the performance data—in real time.

    BIM IQ Chart1When a change is made, BIM IQ®’s energy analytics tool calculates the energy data requested with that change

    BIM Energy2When the glass selection is changed—BIM IQ®calculates the exact amount of available daylight associated with that glass selection

    BIM Thermal Calculations3Thermal calculations are made based on your design change in real time

    BIM vs. BIMIQ

    Please submit your project to see if it is a candidate for BIM IQ

    Because not every project is a fit for BIM IQ®,
     it is important that we learn the following information about your project:


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