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Monday, December 24, 2012

Change to the Change Order Post

Let's try this again. Apparently, my avoidance of Youtube made this more complicated than I thought. I figured uploading a .MOV file to Google Docs, sharing it, and then using the 'Embed Video Link' would work, but that effort failed to have it show up in the blog subscription email and it wouldn't show up on the blog on Safari on the iPad.  I found an iPad app called Converter to convert from .MOV to .M4V.  After converting and uploading the new file to Google Docs (via GoodReader, but it did include a Dropbox sync feature) , then sharing and getting the embed code for that, did the video decide to play nice everywhere. I used GoodReader on my iPad to grab the video and upload it to Google Docs (as GoodReader is great for moving files from SugarSync, Box, iPad, Dropbox, Gmail and even your local server, if you're connected via wifi).

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, because it's just like the same problems we have with every other thing we do.  Nothing is easy and can open everywhere.  It's just like the issues we have with BIM and various file types and versions.  The worst part is that you need a PhD to know how to make things work properly and what file types work where.  After spending two hours with various trials and errors, it finally works right.  Now, if I could only remember how to do this again in the future (so I did document my steps in Evernote), then everything would be fantastic.

Oh, but then it still wouldn't work everywhere, so I included two different file embeds.  Now I'm really annoyed.  Arghh.  I finally just uploaded a video to the blogger video service.  If only DWG files played video, this wouldn't have happened. Then I deleted that because the video quality was bad. Wound up with two videos. I'm tired of trying to figure this out.

Ok. I just couldn't give up.  It works with an M4V file, but it had to be hosted on my website, not Google Docs.

Finally, found this code. It allows you to embed .MOV files in a website. Still won't work from Google Docs link though.

<object classid='clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B' codebase='qtplugin.cab' height='640'>
<embed src='http://add_path_here/_and_movie_name_here.MOV' autoplay='true'  height='640' type='video/quicktime' pluginspage='download'>

- - -
One recent morning, JR asked for something and we said yes, but then we told he'd have to wait.  Apparently, it's not a good thing to change your mind with a 4 year old.

Below, in the video, was his response.  Yes, he's very well on his way to becoming a BIM Builder.  

Video Link

Viewable on iPad:





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