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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Head in the cloud or up someone's butt. Panoramic Sur-Rendering.

We had a client come in yesterday and we wanted to impress him with some visualization magic. We did a project for them and it's all in Revit.  Of course we had the standard 3ds Max animations and renderings, but we were trying some new things.

First up was showing the the project on the iPad with BIM Glue.  I'm still amazed how quickly models can be uploaded to Glue from Revit.  I added some views of different rooms and they were instantly accessible to Cindy.  Once you learn the basics of using Glue on the iPad, which takes all of about 30 seconds, you can let your principal go wild with a project.  

Autodesk, the BIM Glue iPad tagline should be "so easy, even a principal can use it.".  Finally, there's a tool upper management can use in presentations.  All of our principals are brilliant, but between AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks and every other piece of software over the last 30 years, this stuff can be intimidating.  

A couple of other things 3D options we wanted to play with were not so successful.  First up was printing a 3D PDF using the Bluebeam Revit plugin.  Maybe it was a heavy model or my computer being overworked, but at some point during the export, it wouldn't save the PDF.  I'll keep trying that on a more powerful machine.

The other thing I wanted to try was a panoramic view with the Revit Cloud Rendering tool.  It's really easy to make a camera shot, click the online render button, choose panorama and wait a few minutes for the rendering to finish.  It looked great on the website.

Now the bad news.  I'm still waiting for the "email me when the rendering is ready" to activate.  That's a total failure.  Now for the grand finale.  WTF Autodesk!  You can't share rendering online in the cloud?  Are you serious?  You go on and on about collaboration and all of your wonderful BIM 360 websites and renderings aren't available for sharing?  

I just went and double checked.  There's even a yellow bar that says "Manage and Share your documents and renders in the cloud."  

Funny thing is when you click on "Learn More" this is what you get.  

Nice.  After spending 30 minutes on the feedback site, http://feedback.autodesk.com/cloudservices/topics/panorama_whats_it_do.  At least now you can download the Panorama jpg cube, but you have to find an app to view it in.  There's no way to share a panorama with a client on the Autodesk cloud.  Isn't that the point, to share panoramas with your clients?

Ok, so now I download the jpg and th

You can download a panoramic image as a cube-map strip composed of six images. These images can be converted to other cube-map formats and viewed offline using third-party programs. Currently, the panorama viewer used in Autodesk 360 Rendering is not yet available for offline viewing or online sharing.
Any suggestions of programs?  Something for the iPad perhaps?  What a wonderful "workslow" you've created Autodesk.  Might as well bring back Accurender. 

Some other sources of info:

I got it to work in Chrome with this tool: http://krpano.com/download/ and here's an HTML5 sample: http://krpano.com/krpano.html?xml=tours/corfu/tour.xml&html5=always which even works on an iPad AND HAS GYROSCOPIC ACTION.  It's $167 for their software, but it's great to view panoramic renderings on an iPad. They have demo software. 

Here's a whole article about how to make this all work: http://www.aeccommunications.com/?p=310
Info on panorama tools: http://www.panotools.org/dersch/

Maybe Autodesk just wants you to spend $350 on their Stitcher app from 2009.

If you made it this far, congratulations.  I've officially wasted 2.5 hours researching all of this and there's no simple way to impress our clients with panoramic renderings.  
At least you won't waste hours going through what I did and maybe some of this will help you.  BIMmer bummer.


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RicardoCC December 7, 2012 at 6:18 AM  

See the class

How to make a panorama using Revit without internet.
Render techniques (indoor and outdoor)
See the Module 3
Chapter 5

The Revit Kid December 7, 2012 at 8:53 AM  


This software has worked for me in the past...


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