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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Learning how to see - Godin

Great post today by Seth Godin.  It's about the movie 2001, but there are some snippets in there that I found very relevant.

What is it about BIM that makes a difference?  Is it the modeling, the 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D, information, collaboration, sharing of the model, data, information or ideas?  Everyone has a different idea of what BIM is.

But it's all about the vision.  Whether it is seeing the model, the information, the future product, project or whatever it is you're building, you can see into the future when you have more information.  Is it the vision to know that BIM tools help make a better product and happier clients?  Is it the vision to see if all of the pieces fit together?  Is it the vision to know it's the right thing to do?

BIM is hard.  It takes more work, time and interaction.  But, the benefits can be great.  I think they're greater for the contractor and the owner, rather than the architects and engineers, but there's a benefit to staying in business and fewer and fewer jobs will be given to the CAD firms.  I  know our firm has grown tremendously from the various opportunities that BIM tools and our team's capabilities.  

So, how did a film made in 1968, called 2001, have the vision to see 33 years into the future?  33 years. That's almost how long ago AutoCAD was invented.

No one can really see into the future, but if you have the vision, you can make your own future from the opportunities that are right there in front of you.

Here are a few pieces, but please read the whole post.

Seth's Blog

...If you want to make something new, start with understanding. Understanding what's already present, and understanding the opportunities in what's not. Most of all, understanding how it all fits together.

...He saw images and stories that were available to anyone who chose to see them, but others averted their eyes, grabbed for the easy or the quick or the work that would satisfy the boss in closest proximity.

...When everyone has the same Mac and the same internet, the difference between hackneyed graphic design and extraordinary graphic design is just one thing—the ability to see.

...Others had the same tools, but not the same vision.

And all around us, we're surrounded by limits, by disasters (natural and otherwise) and by pessimism. Some people see in this opportunity and a chance to draw (with any sort of metaphorical pen) something. Others see in it a chance to hide, to settle and to sigh.


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