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Friday, December 7, 2012

Navisworks Linked Files - Absolute vs Relative Paths

On one of our BIM projects, an equipment consultant was nice enough to link all of the installation and maintenance PDFs to his specified equipment in Navisworks.  Well, that was great until the sent us their model.  None of the links would open.

Why?  Because everything referred to files on their server and x:\projects\projectname\files\navisworks\manuals just didn't work for us because that's not our server folder structure. I remember telling Alix that you could make relative paths to linked files.  There were some other people in the room and they said that you couldn't do relative paths in Navisworks.

Well, my answer is phhhbbbtttt!!!!! Of course you can.  Here's all you need to do.
Go to the folder where you have your Navisworks model.
Add a subdirectory, call it whatever you want.  In this example we'll name it "Links".
So now you have x:\blahblah\blahblah\NavisworksLocation\Links\
In Navisworks, go and add an attachment.
In the dialog box that opens, the top two fields are Name and Link to the file or URL.
Give the file a descriptive name.
In the 2nd field, instead of putting in the exact path of the linked PDF, put the following:

That's it.  By using the subdirectory name instead of c:\whatever\whatever it's just subdirectory\filename.
Then, if you want to give someone else the Navis files, just send them the file and subdirectory.  The links won't break and all of your worries are over. Wasn't that easy?


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