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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reflector.app - iPad AirPlay mirroring to your Mac or PC, wirelessly.

Awesome app of the day.  I was at an Autodesk presentation today about Field BIM and the fabulous Kevin Durham was showing iPad apps.  They were being displayed onto his computer which was hooked up to a projector.

The app is called Reflector and is available for Mac or Windows platforms.  It's super easy to use and an awesome way to do presentations from your iPad wireless.  If you're brave, you can even set up your laptop as an ad hoc router so you don't need to be connected to a wireless router.  I was able to connect via bluetooth on my Mac and still had internet.

One note though, don't let Anonymous Rob talk you into running Air Display (which lets you view your computer screen on your iPad) and run Reflector (which lets you view your iPad or iPhone (or even your iPad and iPhone at the same time).  You will break the space time continuum and your projects will never get finished.

You can see the mirroring effect of each screen duplicating itself.  Yes, I have too much free time on my hands!

Here are the purchase links for each product type. $15/computer or $49 for 5.


Reflector.app - AirPlay mirroring to your Mac or PC, wirelessly.

Your iPhone or iPad. On your Mac or PC.
AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or the new iPad to any Mac or PC, wirelessly.

 7.2 MB - Free Download is a limited time trial. Reflector requires OS X 10.6.8 and greater or Windows XP and greater and a compatible iOS device.

Recording options are not available on all operating systems. 
Record. Easily capture the screen of your iOS device and save it as a video file for later review.
iOS On Your Mac. View your iOS device on your Mac and continue using it while you're mirroring.

Selectable Frames. Change the color of the device frame on your screen to match the actual skin of your device.

Password Protection. Control access to your Mac by setting a password to prevent unwanted connections.


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