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Thursday, December 27, 2012

X Marks The Spot

One of the problems with information is that there's just too darned much of it.  Just imagine if every day, each person in the US posted one new piece of information.  That's about 250 million new data points.  If they did that every day for a year, there would be over 91 billion pieces of information accumulated in that 1 year.  

...and that's just Facebook alone.  Yes, try to absorb that much information, actually, mostly useless information.  We have a problem, not that there's too much information, but that we have access to all of it and no good way to filter it.

I started using the internet in 1995.  I think there were maybe 100 websites around back then.  Ever stop and figure out how many bookmarks you have of all of those websites?  I currently have 3,181.  A week ago, I had 65,000.  That's because somehow, somewhere, they all got duplicated, and then I got duplicates of the duplicates.  After dumping them all into Excel and sorting the domain names and running a unique filter on them, I was able to clean them up and get them into the right folders in about 20 minutes.  Yes, I had tried duplicate deletion programs, but they didn't organize them the way I wanted.

Anyway, after all of that, I managed to do the most amazing thing.  I use Chrome 99% of the time.  I use Safari a litte bit, but that's only for cloud syncing of my open tabs on my iPad and iPhone.  I am proud to tell you that my Bookmarks Toolbar on Chrome, Safari, iPad and iPhone are all exactly the same.  If I add a bookmark to one device or app, they populate on all of them.  

All I really wanted to tell you was to get Xmarks. It works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and keeps all of your bookmarks synced on ALL of your computers.  No more trying to figure out where you put that bookmark or that you can't remember that website you saw this morning at the office. 

I've decided to open up a new iPad consulting business.  If you want help on the extra steps of getting your iPad to sync with your computer, contact me and it's pretty quick and painless.  Also, when you get Xmarks, you need to get LastPass too.  That syncs all of your passwords securely on all of your devices.  That's even a bigger problem than bookmarks.  www.lastpass.com

Now, you can easily keep track of all of your BIM bookmarks.  

Chrome Extension:



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