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Thursday, September 27, 2012

AEC Technology Updates, Fall 2012-AECBytes.com

Good stuff!


This article looks at the recent technology updates from AEC vendors including various new product developments from Newforma, the launch of Revit LT from Autodesk, the new Vectorworks 2013 product family that has just been released, the releases of the next versions of form•Z and Bluebeam Revu, the acquistion of SketchUp by Trimble, the acquisition of Deltek by Thoma Bravo, and the latest developments of the cloud-based collaboration solution, CadFaster|Collaborate. It also explores two brand-new solutions, Sefaira Concept in the area of sustainable design, and Rendra, which is a BIM model viewer for mobile devices.

URL: http://www.aecbytes.com/newsletter/2012/issue_59.html


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Simulation for AEC Industry Playlist is now live on SIM TV


There's a new playlist available on SIM TV. The Simulation for AEC Industry Playlist consists of simulation know-how videos for structural engineers, MEP engineers, and architects.


The videos cover a variety of simulation capabilities:

Simulation in Action: Verification of Analytical Models
Simulation in Action: Simplified Seismic Analysis
Simulation in Action: Cladding Tool
Simulation in Action - Energy Analysis for Revit
Simulation in Action - CFD for AEC, MEP and ESP Applications
Simulation in Action: Operating Room Simulation
Simulation in Action: Simplifying Revit Components for CFD
Simulation Quick Start Tutorial

Check them out to learn how you can more easily incorporate simulation into your BIM workflows.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AECCafe.com: Tekla Webinar: Steel BIM & LOD: When to Draw the Line and Where to Model It

LOD...Lines or Designs...

Source/Link:  AECCafe.com

Presented by: Will Ikerd PE, CWI, LEED AP , Principal at IKERD Consulting

In this presentation, Will Ikerd PE, CWI, LEED AP, and co-author of the new AGC AIA BIM Guide, will provide an in-depth discussion of considerations for structural engineers, detailers, fabricators, general contractors, owners and architects in requesting structural steel BIM requirements for Level of Development (LOD). Most importantly, the presentation will show: Read More

  • how each of these stakeholders uses models differently and need different content;
  • how the new LOD BIM can be used to define team expectations of what should be modeled; and
  • practical examples of model detail issues along with effective approaches to resolve the challenges of using BIM planning tools.

Click here to register for webinar on Friday, September 28th at 12:00 PM (New York)

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  • Define model Level of Development (LOD) for design, and understand AIA E202 protocol and how to address LOD in project proposals and BIM specifications
  • Understand how the AGC-AIA guidelines for model LOD can be used with design and construction teams
  • Understand why LOD discussions are crucial early on in a project

If you cannot attend the webinar, but would like to have the recording emailed to you, click here. 

We look forward to seeing you there!...


3ds Max Services & Support - Autodesk Composite 2013 Service Pack 2

Service Pack 360?

This Autodesk Composite 2013 Service Pack 2 includes several important fixes; refer to the readme for more information.

Important notes:

  • This release applies to the following products:
    Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2013 / 3ds Max® Design 2013
    Autodesk® Softimage® 2013
  • You must uninstall your existing Composite software before installing this update.


Composite_2013_SP2_32bit.zip (zip - 157465Kb)
Composite_2013_SP2_64bit.zip (zip - 179510Kb)


Monday, September 24, 2012

Vico Webcast Archive Videos

Have some free time or want to learn more about BIM?  Try this:

Source/Link: Fridays with Vico | BIM Webinars | Vico Software

The Fridays with Vico webinars are a free, educational series geared towards general contractors and owners. Our topics range from BIM trends, to case studies and best practices, to new concepts for the industry.

Check back often to see our upcoming episodes - an easy way to know when to tune in!

We also archive our Fridays with Vico episodes so you can watch them at your convenience. We have them grouped at the bottom of this page by category and job title to make it them easy to navigate... and make sure that you don’t miss an episode!

Many GCs enjoy creating a week-long lunch and learn session with our archived webinar series. Simply reserve the conference room for lunch on Monday through Friday, grab a projector and some extra speakers, and have everyone enjoy the sessions with their brown bag lunch (or order in pizza). We love getting phone calls from whole teams after they have just viewed a webinar!

Here are our current series:


PlanGrid - The Best Construction App for Viewing Plans on the iPad

Wow, syncing iPad to iPad.  What a great collaboration tool.
Time to test it out.

PlanGrid - The Best Construction App for Viewing Plans on the iPad


The smart and simple way to manage your

Blueprints on the iPad.

  • Maintain one master set and publish to the team.
  • Share and Sync markups from iPad to iPad.
  • RFI posting and progress photos made easy.

Keep your master set in the cloud

Maintain one master set on the web and keep all your team members up to date.

Annotate and Send from the field

Keep all your notes directly on your drawings and quickly share them via email.


Post RFIs Once

Attach and markup your RFIs once and push to the whole team.

Always up to date with versioning

New changes get pushed automatically.
All past versions are at your fingertips


Effortless Progress Photos

Progress photos archived automatically to the cloud with date, user, and location data.



100% Free

Up to 50 sheets of storage

iPad and web access



$19.99/month per user

Up to 550 sheets of storage

iPad and web access



$49.99/month per user

Up to 5000 sheets of storage

iPad and web access


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Autodesk Services & Support - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Hotfix 1 (Rant)

Even better, a hot fix to fix the hot fix.  This is so "fuxed up". 
...and more "In a continued effort to improve product quality and stability" BS. More like a never ending vortex of wasted time. 

In a continued effort to improve product quality and stability we have released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Hotfix 2 which has superseded AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Hotfix 1. The updates contained in Hotfix 1 are included in Hotfix 2.

To find more information about or to download AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Hotfix 2 please see the following link:

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Hotfix 2


Autodesk Services & Support - Hotfix - Persistent Autodesk Sync error in the system tray

...and why a service pack and a hot fix?  Can you at least bundle them so there's just one download and install?  Better yet, how about a Microsoft update type app that can download and install them all at one time. 

Note: This hotfix is now included in Autodesk Sync 2013 Service Pack 1. If you have downloaded and applied Autodesk Sync 2013 Service Pack 1, you do not need to install this hotfix. If you have not yet installed this hotfix, you should download and applyAutodesk Sync 2013 Service Pack 1 instead.

This hotfix is for users that have a persistent Autodesk Sync error in their System Tray. Persistent errors can occur when uploading settings or files through publish and save to Autodesk 360.  Errors can also happen if you choose to automatically copy to the cloud.

Please consult the readme document for installation instructions. Be sure to install the correct update (32-bit or 64-bit) for your software.

Autodesk Sync hot fix (32-bit) (exe - 943Kb)
Autodesk Sync hot fix (64-bit) (exe - 1026Kb)
Readme (pdf - 206Kb)


Autodesk Sync 2013 Service Pack 1

Is there not one 2013 product that doesn't need a patch, hot fix or update?  I'm the one that has to install them on every machine and I'm starting to get annoyed.  At least  release them all at the same time.  Autodesk, you're affecting our deadlines now.  Learn how to make your customers lives easier, not harder. 

Issues resolved by this Update

  • Fix for the persistent sync errors in the System Tray.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • Various other defect fixes.

Please refer to the readme file for installation instructions.

Autodesk Sync 2013 SP1 (32-bit) (msp - 188Kb)
Autodesk Sync 2013 SP1 (64-bit) (msp - 296Kb)
Readme (pdf - 93Kb)


Arch | Tech: Zoom To Awesome! - great new Revit Plug-in

I got a call from Phil Read yesterday. If you don't already know it, he is the most awesome and brilliant Reviteer I've ever met. He is also one of the masterminds behind VEO, and my gut tells me that VEO is really the "glue" that keeps all of BIM together. Phil, thank you for everything and especially this new creation. 

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Not only is today Friday - or better yet - Saturday (Hi Australia!).

Not only is there a cold beverage of your choice waiting for you at the end of another long week spent hunched over a hot processor.

You are all about to have access to the finest, most useful, most glorious kick-ass-ness of a Revit Add-In in the history of Building Information Modeling:


Zoom To Awesome

Testing is complete. This add-in kicks an infinity of ass. If Chuck Norris used Revit - this would be his favorite tool. Caution: you may smack your forehead with your open palm after using this amazing tool just one time. You will wonder why you didn't think of this. You will wonder why no one at the Revit factory has thought of this. 

You will demand this functionality be included with Revit.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

- End User License Agreement (EULA) - 

By installing the "Zoom To Awesome" Revit Add-in, you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service (TOS):

1. You agree to follow Don Bokmiller (@dbokmiller), Elier Ramirez (@TBD - Sheesh!) and yours truly (@philread) on Twitter.

2. You agree to provide at least one of us with an adult beverage during AU2013.

3. You agree to pass along this link to your fellow Reviteers in order to give them a sense of childlike joy and wonder.

4. You agree not to pester us if you install this add-in and something goes horribly, inexplicably wrong (even though Don and Elier assure me this iscompletely unlikely to happen).

Okay, ready? Hyperventilating? Tunnel vision? Here we go!

Steps to success:

1. Download, unzip and install "Zoom To Awesome":


2. Open your favorite Revit project and look around - like the floor plan in this sample project. There sure is a lot of stuff. Hey - there's a tiny toilet in the distance. Pick the object:

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 42 PM

3. Go to the Add-Ins panel, select External Tools and Select "Zoom To Awesome":

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 20 PM

4. You will be immediately transported to the selected object(s) that remain selected for your convienence: 

Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 9 29 58 PM


But wait - there's more!

  • Works in 2D and 3D!
  • Works on geometry, tags, text, detail components and more!
  • You can even map a keyboard shortcut ("ZX" rocks!)

Why waste your time innaccurately zooming in and out with a scroll wheel?

Why use the Zoom In Region tool in order to select something when you can zoom to it by selecting!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Navisworks Reports & Partly Cloudy

Can someone please explain to me with all of the wonderful cloud features of Autodesk BIM products, why there isn't a cloud service to show clash and viewpoint reports generated from Navisworks.  Why do we have a file with folders with lots of jpgs and no way to easily collaborate with the subcontractors.

Shouldn't this have been the first thing that BIM 360 dealt with?  Do I really care that I can share renderings?  No.  We need to have a solution to deal with design and construction issues for authoring and reviewing tools.  Does this mean we should just get Newforma and Veo instead?  Great.  Now we have to spend more money with more vendors.

For now, we'll just call it Autodesk BIM .360 because our workflow is seriously impaired with this lack of functionality.  


AutoCAD Civil 3D Services & Support - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Update 2.1 (RANT!)

Dear Autodesk, fixing software that should have worked in the first place is not the best place to do marketing.  If you want to provide "high quality products", make sure they work in the original release, not 2.1 updates later, especially when it's 17 months after you release the software in the first place. 

This is how you start off your update verbiage...

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, Autodesk has released AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Service Pack 2.1, which fixes or addresses a variety of issues discovered by customers and by Autodesk's internal testing team.

Try this instead...

We're sorry for the inconvenience, time and cost incurred by you to install this update and any problems you've been experiencing while using this product, but we found some programming issues and hope this solves any problems you've been having. Our programmers are only human and this is some complex software.  Thank you for your patience with us and we will try to make the next release error free and try not to bother you with these product updates and service packs because, in our heart, we really want to give you software that works right in the first place.   We know the software is expensive and you hate paying for subscriptions every year, so we will try to stop spending that money on expensive dinners in Vegas and other places and actually use your money to invest in more programmers and testers and maybe more of you will actually be willing to install our newest software versions and our stock will go up.  PS,  We've fired the idiot who thought it was a good idea to start off our service pack explanations with some stupid words that we all know aren't true and remind you of a flight that's delayed four hours and they announce that they apologize for any inconvenience, while you missed your connecting flight and now missed your brother's wedding. But hey, who said ever said that jet propelled shiny metal tubes that go 400 mph were perfect machines and at least our pilots aren't drunk and haven't crashed one in a really long time. We know you have a general expectation that our planes are maintained perfectly and never crash, so, we'll try to keep that perception going while we shove more and more of you into our old and dilapidated AutoCAD...I mean airplanes.  


Service Pack 2 now available for Autodesk Navisworks 2013

A service pack is now available for Autodesk Navisworks 2013 products. You can download and install the Autodesk Navisworks 2013 Service Pack 2 from our website

Navisworks 2013 Service pack 2 SP2

If you have experienced any of the following issues then we recommend you upgrade to the Service Pack 2

  • Performance issues when working with a large volume of selection and search sets.
  • Issue where some commands appear disabled after dragging a selection set to a folder.
  • Show command didn't work at the folder level for sets hidden in folders.
  • Crash when trying to drag a set into a folder.
  • Area/Volume properties from Revit Drawings not available.
  • Inventor models are rotated at 90-degrees.
  • A number of unexpected crashes in Clash Detective
  • Unhide All taking much longer when Clash Detective is open.
  • Not possible to rename a Clash result after a drag and drop.
  • Clash groups expand unexpectedly.
  • Renaming results in the Clash results grid performance issues. TimeLiner
  • Resolved a performance issue where loading a model is extremely slow when Timeliner is open.
  • 2D measurement start, end and difference values are incorrect.
  • Cancelling or closing the options editor using keyboard shortcuts retains options.
  • Cinepak Codec for 64 bit is now available.
  • CSV export from Selection Inspector now available

Please select the relevant 32 or 64 bit version for Manage, Simulate or Freedom. This can be installed on each individual machine which already has Navisworks 2013 installed, included in the installation, or included in a deployment, the readmecontains more instructions.

Should you have any issues installing the service pack, please use the Installation and Licensing forums which are monitored by Autodesk experts.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iConstruct 2013 for BIM/Navisworks 2013

iConstruct 2013
The exciting new features in iConstruct 2013 offer major benefits to operations and BIM workflows for all industries. With support for Navisworks 2013, iConstruct delivers increased efficiency, ease of use and quick results.
Download your upgrade or trial
from our website today.
New major features


An innovative and powerful new tool providing the flexibility to reorganize the structure of models to suit specific requirements or project standards, regardless of the design package used. Can help provide a cleaner display of data from some of the common industry exchange formats like IFC and PDMS. Allows users to select a property by which to group by and export a restructured nwd file. This option can ignore hidden geometry and create ‘crops’ of models, or merge the contents of groups to reduce the number of objects in the model. ReConstruct enhances iConstructs benefits for deliverables in any BIM project.


Effectively manage review sessions within and across project teams within one centralized location. Allows multiple users to simultaneously share a Navisworks model's viewpoints hierarchy and comments from remote sites across the internet via a data source. Instantly update viewpoints with redline markups, comments and as many custom fields as needed.
Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity

A new tool allows an accurate Center of Gravity to be calculated and displayed in the model. Results can then be used for dimensioning using Navisworks redline markup tools and for producing reports via iConstruct's Export View Report tool. Given accurate geometry and nominating a mass property, this routine calculates the center of gravity for estimation purposes prior to site work, improving efficiencies and safety onsite.
Clash Results Manager

Clash Results Manager

Complementing Navisworks Clash Detective, this tool improves the efficiency of managing clash results, through isolatation of clashes in particular sections of a model by clash status or level. It can save many man hours by prioritizing clashes by count, so objects with the highest clash counts can be investigated first. Communication to project teams on clash information can be exported to Excel or efficiently managed through ReviewTRACK.
Revit Data Switchback

Revit Data Switchback

Enable bi-directional data exchange with your Revit models by syncing properties added in Navisworks with iConstruct back into the native Revit model. This provides a vaulable tool to subcontractors or other 3rd parties who use Navisworks to track and add additional data, such as notes from site, hold notifications and clash management. It also allows the import of this data back into Revit, keeping the design model up-to-date with as-built information.
iConstruct is an intuitive and adaptive BIM solution that can be deployed rapidly to increase efficiency in BIM workflows
for more information please contact
Ideate, Inc. at 888.662.7238 or emailsales@ideateinc.com.
Ideate, Inc. is a leading Autodesk solutions provider, offering quality software, training, support, custom consulting and 3D printing services to AEC professionals. Established in 1992 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ideate is recognized as a Gold Partner for Architecture, Engineering and Construction, one of Autodesk’s highest levels of authorization.

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