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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another reseller channel death - AEC Systems, Karelcad, and ADA CADPartners merge business operations - A2K Technologies

Congratulations to Autodesk. You've successfully found a way to kill the reseller channel and force consolidation through lost profits and a struggle to survive. Between the "Suites", forced subscriptions, and online sales, it's lose/lose for everyone. All that's left is to make all of your products cloud based and at least that will lower billions in IT costs and millions of man hours in service pack and hotfix updates.

Oh yeah, when an Autodesk executive says "I think this merger can only mean good things for Autodesk and our customers.", it really means that customers can't shop for the lowest price, the reseller doesn't have to discount as much and Autodesk doesn't have to worry about another reseller going out of business. He really just means its good for Autodesk, not for "our" customers. Who's customers are they really, Autodesk or the reseller? That's been an ongoing fight for 31 years.


AEC Systems, KarelCAD, and ADA CADPartners today announced they have merged their individual business operations. The new company, A2K Technologies, will commence trading on the 1st February, 2013.

As a result of the merger, the new company will rank as one of the largest Autodesk Value Added Resellers globally with over 150 staff, unprecedented technical expertise, and best in class sales and service teams.

Sales and services for Autodesk and all other existing vendors will be combined under the new business. CSI Global Services and PhoenxPLM will remain separate entities from A2K Technologies.

The company will operate under the leadership of joint Chief Executive Officers Fari Fanaeyan and Paul Laycock, part of the former ownership of AEC Systems and KarelCAD respectively. The management team will comprise of key leaders from both businesses.

Following many years of committed service to the development, growth and innovation of the industry, both businesses have united with a common goal. "At the centre of this decision is our shared desire to deliver a new level of vision, service and innovation. We're driven by our clients success, and our overriding goal is to deliver best in class products and services to make this happen," Fari and Paul explained. "A2K Technologies is committed to leading industry, delivering solutions to reduce technology complexity and cost, whilst improving efficiency, time to market and sustainability."

With limited physical change to existing offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland and Beijing, the combined company is now in a position to further extend its service, support and consulting offerings with even greater reach and unparalleled expertise.

"Clients and staff from both businesses will experience positive change as a result of the merger. In addition to the far deeper level of technical service offerings, we will benefit from our combined operations, resources and infrastructure that has characterised the unique businesses until now," shared both Chief Executive Officers. "Expect our service offerings and deliverables to expand exponentially through this merge of excellence."

Bill Griffin, Vice President Worldwide Manufacturing and Channel Sales for Autodesk, responded to the news with the following comment, "Congratulations on the partnership of two of our best partners globally. I think this merger can only mean good things for Autodesk and our customers."
About A2K Technologies
Professional technology and solutions experts AEC Systems, KarelCAD and ADA CADPartners have merged to form A2K Technologies. The new entity will be the business partner of choice in delivering complete technology solutions to the global infrastructure, building, mining and manufacturing industries. As one of the largest Autodesk channel partners globally, we offer unparalleled technical expertise, service and infrastructure. With offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and China, A2K Technologies provides leadership and drives technology innovation, constantly challenging traditional processes to reduce risk and increase profitability for its customers.



Anonymous,  February 5, 2013 at 9:59 PM  

Looks like I'll be taking my buisness to Cadgroup

Anonymous,  February 6, 2013 at 10:00 PM  

Competition is still alive and well in the Australian Autodesk channel.

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