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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paramics & Autodesk Workflows - Combining Simulation, Analytics, Design and Visualisation

Now we're talking. Forget doors and dirt, the power of computing allows us to mow do what if scenarios. I've said for years that CAD stands for Coordination, Analysis and Design and it looks like its finally coming to reality. Call it BIM, VDC, Virtualization, Visualization or whatever the jp heck you want, but we can now start thinking about design and engineering options and use vast computing power to do what no polyline or line weight could ever do and that's what will separate the masses in the AEC industry.



Source/Link: http://fromthegroundup.typepad.com/from_the_ground_up/2013/01/paramics-autodesk-workflows-combining-simulation-analytics-design-and-visualisation.html


Join us on Wednesday 30 January 2013 for this one hour webinar to find out how Autodesk and Quadstone Paramics combine the power of simulation, analytics, design and visualisation to provide comprehensive end to end solutions for infrastructure designers and transport engineers.

During this webinar you will learn how we are empowering industry practitioners to take advantage of our unique integrated workflows to shorten the modelling and construction phases for projects, help organisations to determine the optimum layout for new developments and to conduct future year analysis to ensure that investments are maximised across the entire asset lifecycle; workflows connecting Autodesk Infrastructure Modeller, Civil 3D and Paramics Modeller, Converter and Analyser will be demonstrated.

The webinar will consist of a 45 minute presentation followed by a live discussion with our experts Lenny Winsel from Pitney Bowes Software and Peter Ingels from Autodesk.

Webinar Details


Wed, Jan 30th


15:00 GMT

Register here


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