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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3Doodler is a $75 3D-printing pen eagerly awaiting your Kickstarter funding (hands-on)

How about a pen that you could make a 3D napkin sketch with?  That would be some crazy stuff.  Now what if it was only $50?  I'm placing my order right now.

Can you imagine a world where an architect can sketch in 3D?  Imagine what they could convey to their clients without simple 2D drawings.  I know, it's crazy talk and years away from actually happening....or maybe not....no more ChiselCAD for you.  

A1_GT Engadget

3Doodler is a $75 3D printing pen eagerly awaiting your Kickstarter funding
In April of last year, former MakerBot COO Samuel Cervantes launched the Solidoodle, a $500 3D printer. We were a bit taken aback by the price point -- after all, his former company's product had seemingly set the standard for consumer-facing 3D-printer pricing at around $2,000. We're hoping you've got both hands firmly clutching your hat when we tell you that the 3Doodler, a 3D-printing pen from the crew over at Wobbleworks, is going to run a whopping $75 at launch -- and heck, if you get in early on the company's recently launched Kickstarter, you'll be able to snag one for $50.

Before we go any further, however, let's get some things out of the way. For starters, it's best to take the 3D printer thing with a grain or two of salt. Calling the 3Doodler a 3D pen is a bit like calling a high-end ink pen a 2D printer. The device is actually quite simple, but pretty brilliant. It essentially takes the heated extrusion head off a 3D printer and incorporates it into a standalone device. A single piece of plastic (ABS or PLA, for the more environmentally minded out there) is threaded through the back, fed through the pen and comes out melted through the tip. Yes, like its 3D printer brethren, it works a bit like a hot glue gun.


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