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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Autodesk new logo...do you like it?

Congratulations to Autodesk on their new logo.  

...and congratulations to Deltek for having your product logo kind of sort of borrowed.

Apparently, through some Twitter noise, people noticed and are talking about a similarity.

I'm not really sure that I like the logo. I would think something that conveyed a little more 3Dish look would have been better. Of course, Autodesk has many products and covers many industries, so it's not so easy to create a new logo.  I took our company's logo and recreated it in Revit for a really cool 3D look.  Hopefully someday, it will be used, but it was fun to make and pretty easy.  I'd suggest that every architecture firm using Revit, update their logo and build it in Revit to convey that 3D side of your company.  

Looking at the new logo and seeing the triangle in the middle, reminds me of a revision cloud mark.  That's certainly something we're trying to eliminate on plans.   

....and then someone mentioned that it looks a little like Adobe's logo.  
This would have been cooler, but that's just my opinion.


The Revit Kid February 26, 2013 at 5:17 PM  

it also looks a little like the 3D version of Adobes logo...

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