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Monday, February 4, 2013

Too many people fail to adapt to BIM, this should help explain why

I read a very interesting thread this morning in a LinkedIn forum. It was started by and ArchiCAD user so I guess it doesn't matter what authoring tool you use and still have the same problems as everyone else.


My first question is if we didn't have high speed Internet do you think we would have been today? Is it about the authoring tool, the clash detection, the virtualization, the visualization, or the information? What is it about BIM that makes it BIM?


This one response below sums it up very nicely in alignment with what I have been saying for a while now. I think BIM is about the levels of information , sharing the information, collaborating on that information, and having as much information as possible, as quickly as possible, to make informed decisions.


So, I think whatever this thing is that we're doing and whatever you want to call it and whatever is most important to you, it is more important to have a workflow and process to share information among the entire project team. The answer, then, is about the information collaboration tools that you and your team uses. We are all trapped in our email silos. We need more effective and efficient ways of sharing information, working with that information, in managing where other people are in their use of the information in regards to their scope of work. It is painful to search for information when you have a deadline and it is always impossible to figure out if other people have the most up-to-date information. I think we need to find a collaborative email management, task management, and information management system so everybody can work together more effectively and more profitably.



Thanks for the nice article which acknowledges the frustrations most if not all people feel when using BIM apps. Knowing that you are not alone in this feeling helps people feel better... and feeling better helps to move forward.

In regards to throwing out the incendiary acronym "BIM" in an unqualified manner; however, I stand with Peter to advocate for BIG BIM life-cycle management. As professionals, we use and toy with little bim apps to produce and make short term gains. As professionals, we also study, use and create new standards to forge collective understandings that we, as individuals and businesses can carry with us from project to project.

As a copyright, I control troves of data which remain siloed, upon disks, hard drives and within volumes, directories, libraries, briefcases, folders, files and even hard copy prints. Without a better place to store this data for discoveries and licensing to others, these siloed repositories will benefit no one.

Slowing down amid the chaos is difficult to do. Data silos are the norm. Forging security frameworks to better structure BIG Data is not an easy challenge. In the short term, we are little bimmers. In the long term, we are Big Bimmers.



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