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Monday, March 4, 2013

AutoCAD unusable after opening

I promise not to say a word. The title says it all.  Apparently this issue has been occurring for infinity....oops...for Xfinity....or maybe just 30 years. How about "AutoCAD unusable for construction".


AutoCAD unusable after opening
We have seen a number of issues recently where customers are able to open AutoCAD, but cannot do anything else at all after the program is opened. Everything will appear correct, but the cursor is not viewable and you are not able to click anywhere at all. After some research, we have discovered that most of these are tied into a setting inside Xfinity Constant Guard. If you are having this issue, likely you are using Xfinity Constant Guard and we have found a solution that has fixed this for most users.
1. Open up Xfinity Constant Guard and click on Options.
2. Click on 'Manage my "Blocked Program" rules.'
3. Click "Allow" for all acad.exe and acadlt.exe in the list.

This will hopefully solve the issue for you and make AutoCAD usable again.


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