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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can you go totally paperless in your BIM life?

My wife sent this to me the other day and it totally reminds me of myself.  I have 16,000 notes in Evernote, have 120GB of data backed up in my Sugarsync account and I take pictures of receipts and any other paper and sync them to Evernote so I can use their awesome OCR feature and not have to worry about finding paper.

Of course, I try to get my wife to be as organized.  She swore she gave me our new car insurance card and I insisted she didn't because I would have taken a picture with FE Snap and it would have been in Evernote.  Of course, she brought it home from the office the next day.

So, watch the video. It's awesome for those of us trying to keep control of our lives in the paper and digital world.

Emma, Le Trefle (English) - YouTube


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