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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Receives IFC Certification 2.0, Passes COBie Design Challange

As I always say, I don't like to poke software vendors in the eye, I like to poke them in the IT. Autodesk, where's your updated COBie plugin and where's the beef in COBie for Revit 2014?

BUDAPEST, March 26, 2013 – GRAPHISOFT announced today important milestones inits support for Open BIM with ArchiCAD having successfully passed both IFCCoordination View 2.0 (Certification 2.0) and the buildingSMART alliance 2013 COBieChallenge.

ArchiCAD is now certified for the IFC 2x3 Coordination View Version 2.0export, making ArchiCAD among the very first to achieve thiscertification as of 12 March 2013, and is 100% COBie compliant(“buildingSMART alliance January 2013 Challenge”, Washington, DC).

“It’s not enough for us to champion IFC as an open-code standardformat; we strive to support our customers with reliable opencollaboration workflows with other building professions as well.” – saidÁkos Rechtorisz, Open BIM Program Manager at GRAPHISOFT.

The Coordination View was the first Model View Definition developed by buildingSMARTInternational and is currently the most widely implemented view of the IFC scheme. Its mainpurpose is to allow sharing of building information models among the disciplines ofarchitecture, structural engineering, and building services (mechanical).

The COBie specification requires the support of the IFC 2x3 Basic FM Handover View, anextended version of the Coordination View developed by buildingSMART. It defines generalrequirements for information handover to facility management. Support for COBie is importantin the US as well as in the UK and all other English-speaking countries.


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