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Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Release Synchro Professional v4.7

Do you know how you can tell that BIM for construction is real, here to stay and how you're screwed if your not doing BIM in your company? Look how many different software programs there ate for BIM and there's your answer.


The worst thing is if you think you just need one program to do everything. Can you imagine having someone in your office telling you that you can do graphics with AutoCAD because that's all they know and are afraid to learn anything new? Or worse, investing in BIM and then having your boss not invest in other tools that can streamline the efficiency of collaboration.


Yeah, we've come a long way with BIM, but we still have so much to learn. So, now you can learn about the newest version of Synchro....


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Announcing Synchro Professional™ v4.7; Our Newest Release

Birmingham, England 19 March 2013, Synchro Software Ltd today announced the release shipment of their latest version of Synchro Professional™ v 4.7. This release opens the door to a whole new user interface using the ribbon style among many new features and enhanced capabilities from French language, performance, scale, speed, reporting and graphical data viewing. Project scheduling to improve as Synchro Professional™ continues to harmonize with Primavera P6 in support of user demand. Our efforts to complete this release early in the calendar year will not go unnoticed by the user community after we shared a preview in our User Conference in New Orleans in late January" said Tom Dengenis, Synchro Software Ltd CEO, "We want to thank our users for their patience as we continue to work to advance the application's capabilities in response to growing demand and industry improvements in the area of 4D scheduling and project simulation. It is a privilege to be engaged with the industry and part of this history in our time as we participate in real industry change. This release, like all prior releases, captures our close working relationship with the users and the demand that they place as the industry evolves."

Synchro Software will support three releases this year with v4.8 and v4.9 already in the works. Here are the improvement notes for Synchro Professional™ v4.7, now offered in French along with our English, Russian and Portuguese versions:

Performance Enhancements

  • We focused on improving a few of the dominant and existing 3D file import translators to significantly improve 3D import speeds.
  • The effort includes main memory optimization by using an aggregated representation of imported objects as one of the main techniques used to help improve model import speed.
  • Performance improvements for 3D object selection operations, rendering speed for the reference time dynamics and 4D animations.

3D Improvements

  • The 3D visual grid is now user defined with physically-sound parameters for accurate grid reference orientation and snapping.
  • New translation command using snapping to selected faces, edges, points for accurate precise object interaction.
  • New snapped manipulator tool for 3D objects control
  • Improved 3D filters capabilities and selection sets interaction with the model data.
  • Improved accuracy for editing using 3D rotation
  • Improvements for 3D paths including the following:
  1. Changeable speed for movable objects
  2. Simulation of rotation around given points at a given absolute or relative angle
  3. Ability to designate the point of alignment of object to the path
  4. Ability to display path frames at Gantt chart
  5. Adding/removing path frames using Gantt chart
  6. Set focus time on selected path frame
  7. New manipulator for editing individual path frames

3D Integration:

  • Support of Real DWG 2013 (DWG files published by AutoCAD 2013 and other applications)
  • Save a REVIT model in Synchro Professional using our new plugin to produce our SP file type supporting Import and Synchronise From work flows
  • Direct import/export of Autodesk FBX files for user defined moments of time.
  • Updated 3D importers for DWF/DWFX, SKP, JT, HSF
  • Support of CATIA R22 files
  • Progress bar and log window for 3D import operations
  • Recover 3D filters state after 3D Synchronization

Animation improvements:

  • Selected 3D view for AVI export
  • Update all focus time node in the animation editor
  • Start/Duration for 3D Views in AVI export
  • Focused time background and text colour
  • AVI Windows Border

Scheduling Improvements:

  • Improved rescheduling for links staring/finishing on summary tasks
  • New rescheduling options: retained logic, progress override, actual dates (Tools -> Options -> Gantt Chart -> Rescheduling)

P6 Integration:

  • Synchronise tasks that became summary in Synchro
  • New option to start Java VM on Synchro application start to avoid the problematic Oracle JVM system crashes on memory outages when working with large 4D model.

Graphic Use Interface Improvements:

  • Ribbon style and alternative old style for those that do not want to change.
  • Updated icon set
  • Retaining user-customized toolbars on Synchro upgrade
  • New data columns in resource window for task assignments
  • New GUI window to manage multiple 3D filters
  • Scheduling filter for the following schedule report categories:
  1. critical/subcritical tasks;
  2. constrained tasks;
  3. tasks violated timing constraints;
  4. skipped on rescheduling;
  5. open ended tasks.
  6. early/late tasks;
  7. tasks with actuals in the future
  • Collapse/Expand All menu items in Task Properties -> Resources tree
  • Show use profile tree in Auto matching window
  • New command to display 3D path assignment
  • Disable file location stamp when printing
  • Gray out unavailable GUI elements in Navigator for Open Viewer-


  • Customizable user-defined report forms
  • Customizable spatial coordination and clash test report
  • Export of clash reports to EXCEL (via copy/paste operation)
  • Sliding/Hiding 3D View in clash reports

About Synchro Software Ltd
Synchro Software Ltd brings award-winning 4D scheduling and project simulation software to construction companies globally for building, civil infrastructure, roads, bridges, healthcare, high-rise, industrial process, oil and gas, alternative energy and mining. 30 of the Top 50 Contractors in the USA and 50 of the Top 225 Contractors in the World are among over 200 customers and 115 universities worldwide using Synchro Professional™ today.

For additional information, contact:
Synchro Software Ltd
Tom Dengenis



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