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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tekla (Trimble) Construction Management Software

I had a visit yesterday from a Tekla representative who happened to be in the neighborhood.  We had a great conversation about BIM, software and people. We had a good laugh when I was showing him my BIM Builder blog and he told me that he was just on it recently looking at my last Trimble blog post, which happens to be posted on the Trimble website, http://www.trimblebuildings.com/news-coverage.html linking to my post "MY TAKE ON THE VICO PURCHASE AND FUTURE OF TRIMBLE FOR CONSTRUCTION".

I guess I must have been right in what I wrote since they posted it.  I tried to get more information out of him yesterday, but Trimble is very tight-lipped about future products. I know where they're going, but I'll just have to wait for the new products.

In the meantime, Trimble has an interesting construction management product that fits nicely with Tekla BIMsight.  Take a look.

Link/Source: http://www.tekla.com/US/PRODUCTS/CONSTRUCTION-MANAGEMENT/CM-MODULE/Pages/Default.aspx

Model-based construction management

By adding the Construction Management module to your existing Tekla Structures 17 steel, precast concrete, reinforced concrete detailing or engineering software configuration you can combine 3D BIM and process management to the same package.
  • Manage process information of individual building components, e.g. installation sequence and delivery lots.
  • Create your own breakdown structures (WBS) easier and faster, e.g. drawing and NC file packages.
  • Use-model based scheduling throughout your project from detailing to fabrication to erection
  • Manage clash checks better and faster than before

Organize your BIM

The Tekla Structures Model Organizer included in the Construction Management module allows structured and easier handling and sharing of model or project information. You can structure your model-based construction project by submittals, lots, or sequencing, create take offs of all materials, and define work breakdown structures.

Manage process information with BIM

Building information modeling and construction process management in the same packageWith building information modeling (BIM) and management in the same package you can forget about the drags of traditional 2D way of working. The Tekla Structures Task Manager allows you to create your own internal schedules and share them with project team.

Reduce the risk of human errors by better control of your production and with less hassle and waste. Connect the 3D model to production schedule and tasks for visual project management: as detailed – as planned – as built.

The Tekla Structures Clash Manager helps manage clashes and collisions. You can remove errors early in the project and offer conflict checking service to the contractor.

Watch how to use Construction Management in Tekla Structures:


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