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Friday, March 29, 2013

Trimble owns the BIM Construction space

Man, look at the Trimble arsenal. I'm sure they got more up their sleeve too.

Become more BIM nimble with Trimble.

It's only BIM Logical to partner with Trimble for your BIM Logistics.

Fridays with Trimble

Trimble Buildings has a unique combination of software, hardware, and services solutions for GCs and CMs. Incorporating Trimble’s advanced positioning and geospatial technologies, and spanning the brands of Meridian Systems, SketchUp, Tekla, Vico Software, and WinEst, the Trimble Buildings portfolio empowers contractors with end-to-end capabilities that maximize productivity and efficiency. With our Fridays with Trimble webinar series, we’ll examine the Trimble Buildings’ portfolio. We’ll start with Modelogix and work our way through all the solutions.

Modelogix enables contractors to analyze their project cost history for fast and accurate creation of early-phase budgeting and benchmarking against the final detailed estimate.

Prolog is the leading construction project management solution for contractors, providing all levels of the project organization—from the office to the field—with project information workflows and budget and change management capabilities. Prolog is built for project managers accountable for construction costs, scope and schedules, and for project teams responsible for the successful delivery of projects. Prolog Mobile lets all project participants to capture and retrieve project information on mobile devices that are affordable and available to everyone.

SketchUp Pro offers a fast, easy, intuitive user interface that brings 3D design capabilities to everyone connected to a project, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. SketchUp enables contractors to make more informed decisions, and easily communicate project details reach a common goal.

Tekla Structures is BIM software for GCs and Engineers who require comprehensive modeling capabilities. Tekla BIMSight enables the entire construction workflow to combine models, check for clashes, and share information—in the same easy-to-use BIM environment—empowering project participants with the insight to solve issues in the design phase, before construction begins.Tekla CM outfits GCs and CMs who self-perform Steel and Concrete to manage the process from supply to installation, including erection sequencing, schedule, and reporting.

Trimble Layout Solutions are comprised of robotics (Trimble RTS), control units (Trimble Tablet) and field software (Trimble Field Link). Robotic Total Station (RTS) is the optical positioning equipment that is used to translate and automate field layout information.
Trimble Tablet is a ruggedized and portable tablet solution that can act as the controller to the RTS plus integrate communications and cameras. Field Link is the software that transfers positioning data from the design and into the field. It increases accuracy and productivity during the layout process, while also providing reports and metrics for analysis.

VDC Services can provide the first set of deliverables or to help during periods of peak demand. We can customize any package to include:
• Business Development Support
• 2D Change Reports (between two
document sets)
• 3D Model Assessment
• 3D Constructability and Coordination
• 4D Schedule Simulation and Optimization
• 5D Model-Based Quantity Takeoff and
• Laser Scanning and As-Built Models

Vico Office delivers a different way of working with BIM models. Used for much more than visualization, Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, and 5D estimating.

WinEst comes to the table with the industry's most powerful, robust and adaptable cost-estimating and cost-modeling software—a database-driven estimating solution that uses a highly flexible spreadsheet for creating, adjusting, and presenting estimates.

Only Trimble offers this end-to-end approach for helping General Contractors meet today’s real-world challenges. From the office, to the jobsite, and everywhere in between, Trimble Buildings delivers unique solutions for all constituents involved with complex building project, ensuring that managing all the moving parts of building projects becomes easier—and smarter. So join us for our first webinar as we take a look at Modelogix for your estimating department.



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