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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well, it's not BIM, but it's BIM - Digging a hole

In 2008, the Florida Department of Transportation made a deal with Autodesk to add Civil 3D to the acceptable deliverables for transportation projects.  Well, it only took 5 years for the training, testing, implementation, foot dragging, kicking, screaming and standards development, but they're actually, finally, rolling it out officially.  

I hope it won't be too painful now for every civil engineering firm to buy Civil 3D, get training, learn how to implement the new workflow and figure out how to integrate the state's kit.

Just click the "I accept (defeat)" below and you're ready to go.  

There's a little phrase down below "The Department strongly encourages those with interest in performing future work for the Department ".  Strongly encourages?  Not mildly encourages?  Of course, once it's up and running, the state will drop Bentley subscription and every civil engineer will be forced to switch to the new software.  

Of course we can also have the conversation or argument about whether Civil 3D is actually a BIM product since it's AutoCAD based, but that's another blog post.  Why doesn't Autodesk just roll out Revit Civil (Take a dash of Eaglepoint, a pinch of Revit Site module and an ounce of Revit MEP and create a real BIM civil product that CAN BE INTEGRATED INTO THE REVIT WORKFLOW).  Heavy sigh......

Civil 3D Workflows - http://www.dot.state.fl.us/ecso/downloads/publications/civil3dworkflows/#.UUIyDyJkYDA.blogger

On Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 the FDOT Executive Board reaffirmed FDOT’s decision to support a diversified CADD platform, supporting both Bentley MicroStation and Autodesk Civil 3D deliverables for future highway design. The Executive Board approved moving the Department's Autodesk Civil 3D CADD platform diversification effort from the development phase into the implementation phase. This includes accepting future highway design projects in Civil 3D, that both meet FDOT’s CADD standards and all other Department deliverable standards. In addition, the Executive Board sanctioned Districts to proceed with projects using consultant forces for highway design using Civil 3D. With this conclusion, FDOT may accept projects designed on either the Bentley or Autodesk platforms, by way of consent of the FDOT Project Manager.
FDOT’s Engineering / CADD Systems Office (ECSO) is in the final stages of configuring a “FDOT2012 Civil 3D State Kit” for production whereby users of Civil 3D 2012 have additional resources and means to electronically deliver projects to FDOT. Our intention is for future production releases of the State Kit to support contemporary releases of the AutoCAD Civil 3D platform.
On February 28th the last “beta” build for the development phase of the FDOT State Kit for Civil 3D 2012 will be published and accessible from the “I Accept” link below on this page. When the “Kit” is next posted later in March, it will be rebadged the “Release Candidate,” and shortly thereafter the “Production” release will be made. During this succession of releases, ECSO will be testing, making corrections, and supplementing documentation. The Department strongly encourages those with interest in performing future work for the Department in Civil 3D participate in testing during this time, and provide feedback regarding the content and functionality of the State Kit. Each successive publication of the Kit will be accessible from the “I Accept” link below.
The FDOT State Kit for Civil 3D 2012 relies upon the following being installed from the AutoCAD Civil 3D Services and Support site: AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Update 2.1  that can be downloaded here, andHotfix – AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Data Shortcuts from here. In addition, from the Utilities and Drivers section, also install: Autodesk SubAssembly Composer Support Pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 & 2012 from here.
Remember that you must uninstall previous versions of the State Kit before installing the newest version.  
Special Note: Releasing a FDOT2012 Civil 3D State Kit does not authorize any person or organization to begin immediately performing production work for FDOT in AutoCAD or Civil 3D for highway design. The platform for electronic delivery to FDOT is still the discretion of the District. By selecting the “I Accept” link below to download the software, you agree to this and the disclaimer shown below which FDOT uses for all of its CADD software releases - production or beta test versions.
Please provide feedback of your findings and comments while testing the FDOT State Kit using the following email address: ecso.support@dot.state.fl.us. Thank you for participating and your continued support.
The FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION makes no warranty or guarantee, expressed, implied, or statutory, as to the accuracy, reliability, suitability, functioning, or results derived there from of FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION programs. Nor shall the fact of distribution of the programs and related program materials or documentation constitute any warranty or guarantee. The FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION shall have no liability or responsibility to the user or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION programs and/or related program materials, including, but not limited to, any interruption of service, loss of business or anticipatory profits, or consequential damages resulting from the use or operation of FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION programs. All computer program results require professional interpretation, and FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION makes no warranty of results obtained by using the computer program. Any liability of FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION is limited exclusively to product replacement.
THIS SOFTWARE AND RELATED MATERIALS AND MANUALS ARE DISTRIBUTED "AS IS". ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES FOR MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, ARE EXCLUSIVELY EXCLUDED. Portions of the programs are protected by United States Copyright Laws, Common Law Copyright and/or trade secret protection by FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION and/or others. All programs and related program materials are subject to proprietary rights of FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION and/or others.

Please provide us feedback at the following email address: ecso.support@dot.state.fl.us


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