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Friday, April 12, 2013

Autodesk Business Modernization: Electronic License & Software Delivery - IMAGINiT Technologies Industry News

Another nail in the reseller channel coffin. Go online, but your software directly from Autodesk, download it and get your serial number from them. Every few years Autodesk changes the serial numbering system. Will this method finally reduce piracy? I never understood the stupidity of their serial numbering system. All they do is add 99 to a number to come up with the next serial number. No chance of hacking with that system.


I'm still puzzled as to what this means for subscription customers. It'd be nice ot have some clarity on this.


Source/Link: http://blogs.rand.com/imaginitnews/2013/04/autodesk-business-modernization-electronic-license-software-delivery.html

Serialized media changes were implemented March 28, 2013. As part of Autodesk's Business Modernization efforts, Autodesk has transitioned to electronic license and software (with optional media kits) delivery for the majority of their software products. This means that a serial number will no longer be attached on the product box – customers will now be able to purchase Electronic License Delivery (ELD) licenses, which will be delivered to you in an email along with a link to download the product. This ELD delivery method will be standard in the U.S., Canada, EEA countries, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Korea. Other countries will transition later.

This step follows the initial launch of the ELD/ESD and Media Kits SKUs in December 2012. Electronic delivery of software licenses has become an industry-standard practice. It provides customers with more efficient and convenient access to their Autodesk products.

What Products Does This Change Affect?

The following will be offered as ELD licenses:

  • AutoCAD LT Suite
  • Inventor LT
  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Suites
  • Autodesk Vertical software products



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