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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revolution Design Revit plugins - Awesome

Wow, what an awesome set of Revit tools and so cheap. Finally, someone making time saving and affordable tools. I'd live the renaming tool for COBie projects and the selection tool must save hours of time.

Revolution Design Software

Commercial Products

Revolution Design has developed several commercial addins to enhance Revit productivity. Check them out below:

Keynote Manager

Revit workFlow

Selection Master

Individual Tiered Licenses*

$45 per Seat - 1-9 Seats
$35 per Seat - 10 or More Seats

Individual seat licenses can be purchased in any quantity and pricing is broken into tiers as shown above. One license allows the use of Revit workFlow (2012, 2013, or both) on a single machine.

Bulk 50 Pack*

$750 per Pack

Bulk packs allow volume discounts for larger enterprises and must be purchased in the specified quantities. One license allows the use of Revit workFlow (2012, 2013, or both) on a single machine. Each bulk pack purchased may only be used within the purchasing company or entity.


Click for Video ExampleautoLink

autoLink Symbol

autoLink Schedules

Click for Video Example See autoLink on Project Chronicle.

One of the Revit's greatest strengths in the realm of documentation is the automatic coordination of view callout tags and the views' actual detail location. Change the detail number on a sheet and all view tags that reference that view update automatically. However, Revit has no similar ability with general annotations, text, or scheduled parameters... until now!

Revit workFlow's autoLink function allows you to reference views from any instance parameter, simply by typing the view reference as you normally would with text. Views are then automatically updated whenever the view reference changes.

Click for Video Example Reference views from generic annotations and update automatically.

Click for Video Example Reference views in parameters and update automatically.

With version 3.0, autoLink now allows you to reference views from linked files; whenever the location of that view changes the link is updated automatically, no coordination necessary!

  • Reference views with a simple annotation symbol or within any parameter.
  • Update links automatically when a view is moved.
  • Fully customizable autoLink symbols and parameters.

Click for Video ExampleviewRename


Click for Video Example See viewRename on Project Chronicle.

Tired of looking through default view names like 'Section 1', 'Section 2', and 'Elevation 1-a' to try and find the view you were looking for? Have you ever looked for 'Ceiling Plan - First Floor' only to find it at the bottom of the project browser because someone didn't read their standards and named it 'RCP - First Floor'? viewRename is your answer!

View naming standards are extremely helpful when used, but too often users are in too much of a hurry to worry about renaming views and doing it properly.

With viewRename, you simply set up your office standard naming conventions for various view types when you first set the program up and views are named by the standard automatically, no mess, no hassle and no lost views!

Existing views can also be renamed to match the standard with two quick clicks!

  • Set the office standard once and follow it effortlessly.
  • Set a different standard for various types of elevations, sections, and callouts.
  • No more lost views or generic view names.
  • Update existing views to the standard in 2 clicks.
  • Set View Template automatically
  • Use Instant Updater option to name views immediately on creation

Click for Video ExamplefinishFloors

Have you ever wanted to model floor finishes in Revit but didn't want to spend the time creating floors in every room?

finishFloors can create floors for just a few rooms or every room in your project in just a few clicks, automatically coordinated with your finish schedule!

Just tell finishFloors what floor types to create for each finish code and which rooms need floors and they will be automatically generated with the correct floor type, offset by their thickness so that they will sit on top of the structural floor. Floors generated by finishFloors are linked to rooms, so if the room boundary or finish ever change updating the finish floor is one button click away!

  • finishFloors InterfaceClick for Video Example Automatically map finish codes from the finish schedule to floor types and generate finish floors coordinated with the finish schedule.
  • Save your standard finish code mapping and settings will be automatically loaded.
  • Finish floors automatically sit on the top of the structural floor.
  • Click for Video Example Finish Floors can have automatic thresholds created at doorways extending to the center of frame, face of frame, or no thresholds at all.
  • Click for Video Example When finishes or room boundaries change, update existing floors with a single click.
  • Pre-select rooms to focus on a single area or select nothing to work with all rooms in the project.
  • Click for Video Example Use 'Floors by Click' to generate floors one at a time with a single click, just like Revit ceilings.

Click for Video ExampledimensionCheck

dimensionCheck DialogQuality control is vital to a good set of construction documents and proper dimensioning is vital when communicating a design layout to the contractor. Items that are not properly located can cost time and money in RFI's or costly re-do's when someone on site decides they know 'about where it should go'.

dimensionCheck is designed to quickly and efficiently identify objects in a dimension plan that are not properly located to avoid unnecessary errors.

  • Select a category or set of categories and find all elements in the current view that are not currently dimensioned.
  • Quickly locate one or more non-dimensioned elements using the show tool to determine where the dimension should be placed or if one is necessary.
  • Search only the current view, or all sub-views as well (i.e. enlarged plans).
  • Non-modal dialog box allows you to find non-dimensioned elements, place the dimension, and then move to the next element without closing the command.
  • Place several dimensions and refresh the dialog to see the remaining elements without dimensions.


Click for Video ExampleSimple Keynote File Editing

Keynote Manager InterfaceRevit's keynote system is a powerful way to integrate data into Revit families, reduce errors, and streamline documentation. The text files, though, are cumbersome and difficult to work with.

Keynote Manager was created to provide a simple, efficient interface to edit keynote files.

  • Edit keynotes in a tree view instead of a long list in notepad or Excel
  • Automatically sequence keynote numbers
  • Add & edit new notes without worrying about tabs or formatting
  • Locate keynotes quickly with the find/replace function
    • Perform find/replace on the key value, description, or both
  • Multiple users can work on a single file concurrently
  • Reorganize notes by simple drag and drop
  • Select multiple keynotes and renumber in sequence

Click for Video ExampleComment & Markup

Keynote Manager CommentingRevit keynote text files provide no ability for managers to mark up or comment on keynotes.

With Keynote Manager's comment and markup system, comments can be added to any keynote and the history of the comment is tracked automatically.

  • Create comments, update, and mark as complete
  • Track the dates of comment creation and changes
  • Convenient comment panel lists all comments
  • Review comments for a particular note or for the whole keynote file
  • Print all keynotes or a subset for manual review and markup

Click for Video ExampleInfo Link

File LinkingKeynotes can be linked to external documents or web locations and those documents can be opened from Keynote Manager.

Files will be opened in their default editor and web locations will be opened in the default browser.

  • Link to the Manufacturer's web site, content page, or specification
  • Link to a word processor specification
  • Link to an image of the installed product
  • Create as many links as desired

Click for Video ExampleKeynote Watcher

Keynote WatcherKeynote Watcher is an add in to Revit that monitors keynote files and notifies users of changes to the file.

  • Locates keynote files for all open Revit projects.
  • Monitors keynote files for changes and notifies users via a
  • Unobtrusive notification icon (sTooltip trigger goes here.ee image to the right).
  • Revit Keynote WatcherOpen keynote files directly from within Revit.
  • Notifies users of the need to reload their keynote file.
  • License activates with Keynote Manager, no need to activate twice.
  • Available for Revit 2012 or later only.

Standards and Quality Control

Keynote Manager SettingsKeynote Manager allows a degree of quality control and standards enforcement not available in other editors, further reducing errors and increasing productivity.

  • Formatting & parent/child relationships are handled by Keynote Manager so no more orphaned keynotes!
  • Spell check function reduces spelling errors
  • Quickly enforce office standards
    • Define master files & create new keynote files based on office masters
    • Set automatic keynote casing to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Sentence Case
    • Convert casing for individual keynotes or all keynotes in a file
    • Set the font so the display in Keynote Manager matches the display in Revit

Backup Files

Keynote Manager BackupEveryone knows the frustration of losing data or an entire file due to either human or computer error.

Keynote Manager's distributed backup system ensures that if anything happens to a keynote file there will be a recent backup that can be restored and most if not all of your work saved.

  • Text file and comment backups are distributed on all users computers so even in the event of a hard drive or complete computer failure another user will likely have a backup copy
  • Backups are created automatically when a file is opened or closed
  • Backups can be created automatically at a specified interval
  • Select the number of backups per user (up to 999)

Automatic Licensing

For enterprise licenses or large numbers of installations, it is desirable to avoid the need to visit every computer to activate it's license. Keynote Manager / Keynote Watcher recognize XML files with license data and automatically activate a license on startup if such data is present, allowing large companies to deploy and activate automatically without giving out their activation code. For more information click here.

Tracking & Reporting

Keynote Manager tracks some basic, non-personal data for use in our marketing and analysis of program usage. The following information is reported to Revolution Design:

  • Program open and close time
  • Program version & Executable path (11.5 and later only)
  • Open and close time of each file (no file names or paths are collected)
  • License type (trial or paid)
  • You may also view a sample report here.

$45 per Seat

Individual seat licenses can be purchased in any quantity. One license allows the use of Keynote Manager and Keynote Watcher (2012, 2013, or both) on a single machine.


Click for Video Example Robust Filter Capabilities

Selection Master - Add FilterSelection Master supports 6 types of filters:

  • Parameter
  • Level
    • Level filters recognize level parameter, work plane, reference level, and schedule level so all offset beams, etc. are included.
    • Level filters can be set to recognize multi-level elements like walls and columns by their top constraint, base constraint, or either constraint.
  • Family
  • Category
  • Phase Created
  • Phase Demolished

Selection Master - FiltersThe Selection Master full interface can be used to create filters based on any of these properties or combine as many filters as desired to refine the set. Find all doors over 7'-0" high on the second floor, or simply find every element related to the second floor level.

Click for Video Example Save Filter Sets

Selection Master - Filter SetsWhile some filter sets are only usefull once, most can be usefull continually throughout a project or even across multiple projects. Selection Master allows you to save filter sets to be reused as many times as desired.

Click for Video Example Preview Elements

Selection Master - Element PreviewBefore returning to Revit, Selection Master allows you to preview the elements that satisfy the filters you have created. From here you can change your filters, further refine the set of elements, export a report, or have them automatically selected for you in Revit.

Click for Video Example Quick Filters

Selection Master - Quick FiltersYou can use Quick Filters as a shortcut to easily apply the basic filters with predefined settings in a single click.

Want to find all elements related to a certain level? Use the 'Quick Level' command.

Want to quickly select everything created in Phase 2? Use 'Quick Phase Created'.

You can even use Quick Level to avoid losing elements when removing redundant or unnecessary levels.

Click for Video Example Rehost

Rehost DialogEver decide that a level is redundant and unnecessary but were afraid to delete it because you knew you would lose everything that may still be on that level? Or just place a series of elements only to find out that you were working on the wrong level? Selection Master to the rescue!

If you need to delete a level, use the Quick Level tool to find everything on the level and rehost to move it; if you just placed some objects on the wrong level simply select them and use rehost to move them to the correct level.

Click for Video Example Reporting

Selection Master - ReportingSelection Master not only allows you to preview the elements that match the filters, you can also export the data to a comma separated value (.csv) or plain text (.txt) file for use or analysis in any standard spreadsheet program.

In addition to exporting the preview data, Selection Master also allows exporting of all the levels, girds, families, and phases in the project.

Lastly, Selection Master allows you to view all plan and ceiling plan views in the project and sort or filter them by level and export this data to .csv or .txt

Single Seat Licenses*

$25 per Seat

Individual seat licenses can be purchased in any quantity. One license allows the use of Selection Master (2011, 2012, and/or 2013) on a single machine.



Jason Peckovitch April 10, 2013 at 1:08 AM  

Steve, the creator is great. We use KM as the company standard for work notes in our office. Whenever I break his program, he usually has it fixed and a new update ready within a few days. Currently beta testing the next release. Has some nice new features so keep an eye open for that soon.

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