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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Evernote Blog | Evernote World: How Award-winning Architect Russel Curtis Uses Evernote Business

I love Evernote. I have thousands of notes, ideas, web pages, business cards, PDFs, pictures and various snippets of data in my account. I don't care that I'll never find, need, use or organize most of what's in there. What's important is that everything is there and instantly searchable and shareable. It's my own personal Googleized Internet of information that acts as my external mental hard drive.


It's the perfect tool for architects....and here's one story.







Russell Curtis is Evernote's Architecture Ambassador, and a founding director of London-based architects RCKa, an award-winning design practice specializing in community, public and residential buildings. In this video Russell shares his experiences of using Evernote Business as an Architect entrepreneur.

From capturing photos of job sites under construction to saving scans of paper documents to discovering the shared knowledge of his entire team, Evernote Business lets him run almost every aspect of his company in the office and on the go. Watch now to see how RCKa uses Evernote Business, and learn what Evernote Business can do for your company.


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