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Friday, July 19, 2013

Revit 2014 Update Release 1 Now Available For Download - Crash Reductions or Enhancements?

I am curious how fixing bugs is referred to as "Enhancements".  It's like saying you gained 50 pounds to make you more well rounded.  I guess it's safe to now install and use the 2014 products.  Every year Autodesk goes through this process. Release buggy software to the masses.  Wait for them to find all of the problems and then spend 3 months fixing those problems.  Is anyone actually installing and using an Autodesk product for production work on the initial April release?  Plus, if you look at yesterday's post, expect two more updates over the next year.  How do they find time to create new features when so much time is needed to fix existing version software.  I guess the only answer is to invest more resources in programming and debugging instead of making the AEC world the guinea pigs of problematic software.  

Enjoy your day of lost productivity as you download and install these lovely patches, I mean 'Enhancements'.  

en·hance  (n-hns)

tr.v. en·hanceden·hanc·ingen·hanc·es
1. To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment.
2. To provide with improved, advanced, or sophisticated features: computer software enhanced with cutting-edge functionalities.

The download links are available on the relevant Data & Downloads > Updates section for each product or suite.
Direct links:

Autodesk® Revit® Platform 2014 Enhancements

Update Enhancement List

Improvements made in Update 1 build (20130709_2115):

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2014 Enhancements

Improves stability when using Trim/Extend tools with curtain walls.
Improves stability when selecting Top Rail Type from with Project Browser.
Improves stability when inserting Stairs.
Improves stability when using the Split Element tool on walls.

Autodes Revit® Structure 2014 Enhancements

Improves elevation assigned to beams when the elevation of a related beam system is adjusted.
Improves graphics display of braces in course view when the justification parameter of the brace is adjusted.
Improves graphics display of braces in course view when using a rotated crop region.
Enables beams to be stretched using the Align tool.
Improves stability when upgrading previous version structural projects.

Autodes Revit® MEP 2014 Enhancements

Restores Revit MEP 2013 circuiting behavior when connecting panels together.
Enables “Pick New Work Plane” ribbon tool for electrical equipment.
Improves performance when selecting a piping system which contains a large number of elements.
Improves stability when copying air terminals connected to duct segments.
Improves stability when sizing Duct or Pipe systems.
Improves stability when changing the type of Cable Tray or Conduit.
Improves stability when editing type parameters from within the System Browser.

Autodesk® Revit® Platform 2014 Enhancements

Allows Stairs, Railings and Wall Sweeps to be individual entities when exporting to FBX format.
Improves data integrity of projects which contain RPC elements when exporting to FBX format.
Improves categorization of parts when exported to FBX format.
Improves performance when utilizing Render in Cloud functionality.
Improves appearance of material textures when Rendering in Cloud.
Improves graphics integrity of linked models when Rendering in Cloud.
Allows Point Clouds to be visible when unchecking Show Imported Categories in this View
display option.
Autodesk® Revit® 2014 Update Enhancement List

Maintains display order of filled regions which overlap solid hatches in projects that are upgraded to the Revit 2014 format.
Corrects visual fidelity of objects in printed output which show as Thin Lines in drawing canvas.
Improves consistency of displaying revisions within schedules.
Improves data consistency of keynote legend when un-checking Filter by Sheet.
Allows schedule footer text to follow column alignment.
Improves stability when pasting elements between two Generic Model adaptive families.
Improves stability when exporting project to Navisworks 2014.
Improves stability during the loading of a family when utilizing either Delete Element” or DeletType option.
Improves stability when placing details.
Improves stability when a crop region is moved while the disjoin option is enabled.
Improves data integrity during Save As”.
Improves stability when creating form elements.
Improves stability when exiting Revit.
Improves stability when printing Elevation and Detail views.
Improves stability while editing groups.
Improves stability when adjusting the elevation value of Levels.
Improves stability when navigating in a project which contains linked point clouds.
Improves stability when using the type selector within the properties palette.
Improves stability when editing the layout of a schedule.
Improves stability when adding a schedule to a sheet which has an active view.
Improves stability when upgrading previous release projects.
Improves stability when place a view on sheet.


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